MICHELIN RoadConnect – The App for Truck Drivers

To help them optimize their mobility and make their daily lives easier, Michelin is innovating and, since the 11th of September in Europe, has been providing new digital services via the MICHELIN RoadConnect application.



With the RoadConnect mobile application, Michelin integrates several features together to simplify the life of drivers on the road and help them connect to their communities. This innovation has been developed for over a year in co-construction with thirty truck drivers to ensure the development of corresponding functionalities to their daily needs. As a result of this co-development work, MICHELIN RoadConnect is built around 4 great features that for the first time can be combined in the same application.

Truck drivers are passionate about their jobs and work in contact with the customer. They face daily challenges to make their deliveries on time. They need to find the right location to refuel, eat, rest, etc., on their routes and do so while complying with mandatory rest times. They also have to regularly deal with unexpected events, such as blocked roads, traffic jams and poor weather conditions. There are more than 300,000 truck drivers in France, and about 3 million in Europe, and they mostly work alone on a daily basis.

Four functions are combined in a single app

Optimized routes

MICHELIN RoadConnect helps drivers find suitable routes and provides an estimated journey time with three options (the shortest, the fastest and the most economical), with ViaMichelin and TomTom, one of the leaders in this field, as a partner.

Break location searches

Throughout the journey, drivers can view the location of car parks, restaurants and service stations to better plan their breaks. They can view all points of interest specific to road transport, thanks to data supplied by partners such as TruckFly. They can save their favourite points of interest with useful related information (address, telephone number, opening hours, menu prices, etc.). Their favourite loading and delivery addresses are also saved, which saves time on a daily basis.r.

Talking/exchanging with other truck drivers (CB 2.0)

This function, which is similar to the previously used CB radio, was developed by the partner startup Spea’k. It enables users to speak to each other using a private or public channel. This makes communication for drivers easier, more spontaneous and more user-friendly. It can also be used by drivers to provide mutual assistance.

Locating colleagues in real time

Drivers can add their friends in the app, see their geolocation in real-time and contact them directly via MICHELIN RoadConnect (by telephone or email). Social links are created between drivers, enabling them to share favourite addresses, meet up during breaks, or share a meal…

Michelin’goal is to build a significant community so that drivers can find as many colleagues and friends as possible in the app. The aim is to reach quickly 100,000 drivers. To achieve this, Michelin will continue to enhance RoadConnect, by taking into account user feedback, In order to keep pace with their expectations.

A free app, MICHELIN RoadConnect is available on Android / Google Play. It will be available on iOS before the end of 2017. It is optimized for European roads and already works in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Dutch.