MICHELIN® solutions unveils ‘EFFITIRESTM with fuel commitment’, a new value-creation solution for hauliers.


At the CV Show, the road freight transport exhibition which opened in Birmingham, UK, on 14 April 2015, MICHELIN® solutions announced a new value-creation offer for hauliers.

Entitled ‘EFFITIRESTM with fuel commitment’, this new service enables haulage fleet managers to run their businesses more efficiently.

The EFFITIRESTM solution consists, for the haulage company, in the outsourcing of tyre procurement allied with a fuel savings commitment generated in the light of a custom audit of the fleet and its operational conditions. The nature of the ‘EFFITIRESTM with fuel commitment’ contract is based on a price per kilometre (PPK) proposed to the haulier.

To be eligible for this new offer from MICHELIN® solutions, the haulage company must have equipped 70% of its fleet with a telematics system and fitted the vehicles concerned with highly energy-efficient Michelin tyres. In the event of the contractual savings not being attained, MICHELIN® solutions undertakes to reimburse the operator for the unrealised savings on a pro rata basis.

We are sure that the 'EFFITIRESTM with fuel commitment' solution will allow our customers to create value while focusing on their core business. This also offers them a way of reducing the maintenance time for their fleet. By combining our know-how with Michelin's expertise on low rolling-resistance tyres, we are able to propose an extremely-pertinent fuel savings model.

Paul DAVEY, MICHELIN® solutions commercial director for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland

MICHELIN® solutions is able to draw on a wealth of expertise from its work on more than 300,000 vehicles, under the auspices of 800 tyre experts operating throughout Europe. The ‘EFFITIRESTM with fuel commitment’ solution includes 24-hour roadside assistance with a tyre-related breakdown recovery commitment of less than two hours.

MICHELIN® solutions revolutionised the service offer for fleets with its launch in autumn 2013, by being the only major player on the market offering a commitment based on results. With its EFFITIRESTM offer, MICHELIN® solutions is putting in place a global ecosystem aimed at reducing fuel consumption. With more than one-and-a-half years of experience under its belt, MICHELIN® solutions has already enabled fleets under contract to save on average 1.5 l per 100 km fuel consumption per vehicle. Extrapolated to take account of the 2.5 million long-distance trucks in Europe, this service solution offers potential gains of 3,375 million litres of fuel savings and a reduction of 9 million tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, along with 3,375 million euros-worth of value creation for the haulage industry per year.