MICHELIN® solutions launches EFFITRAILER™, The innovative answer to the semi-trailer paradox

In this context, where the semi-trailer – a key component of transport – is not treated in a manner reflecting its potential value, MICHELIN® solutions has created EFFITRAILERTM, a new support solution for fleet managers.


The aim is to improve their economic and quantitative performance by tracking semi-trailers and:

  • Reinforcing the safety of assets and equipment;
  • Lowering the cost of owning towed vehicles;
  • Improving rolling stock maintenance, which becomes more preventive than corrective;
  • Guaranteeing delivery lead times and demonstrating greater reactivity in response to shippers' requests

MICHELIN® solutions offers its commitment to haulage companies to manage their semi-trailers and provide them with the means to plan ahead and react to unforeseen situations in their activity. By reducing downtime for semi-trailers, EFFITRAILERTM enables carriers to improve the safety of their cargo and enhance the reliability of their deliveries.

EFFITRAILERTM represents the third innovative solution by MICHELIN® solutions, a subsidiary of the Michelin Group just created in 2013. In real terms, this solution consists of a contractual commitment by MICHELIN® solutions to the benefits which could be generated thanks to improved semi-trailer management. These benefits relate to:

  • the improved management of semi-trailer tyre pressure;
  • a geolocation system;
  • improved management of carrier – loader relations.

MICHELIN® solutions has created a complete range of solutions with its partners, to satisfy the current problems faced by European fleets. MICHELIN® solutions has therefore launched EFFIFUELTM on the market, a contractual package deal to reduce fuel consumption, and EFFITIRESTM, an outsourced management solution for tyres, with guaranteed fuel savings if preferred by the customer. The new EFFITRAILERTM solution is part of this value creation strategy, focusing on semi-trailer management.

These solutions represent unrivalled innovations in the sense that they are accompanied, contractually, with a clause enabling customers to obtain a refund if objectives are not reached. Such an unequivocal commitment is unique on the market, and demonstrates MICHELIN® solutions' confidence in its value range.