Radial NZG Technology tires on the latest aircraft technology
Airbus A350

(Clermont-Ferrand, 22 December, 2014) – Michelin Aircraft Tire has announced that the first flight of the new Airbus A350-900 aircraft was completed with MICHELIN Radial NZG Technology tires.

Airbus has delivered the first A350 XWB to its launch operator QATAR AIRWAYS equipped with MICHELIN AIR X tyres with Radial NZG Technology.

The Xtra Wide Body commercial jet made primarily of composite materials achieved its first ferry flight from Toulouse (France) to Doha (Qatar) on 22th December 2014. The aircraft has already proved a tremendous success with hundreds of orders from leading global airlines.

The A350 XWB will set a new standard of comfort and efficiency in its class. Seventy percent of the A350 XWB is made from lighter-weight advanced materials, including composites (53%), titanium and new generation aluminum alloys. These are primarily built into the aircraft’s main structural components such as the wings and fuselage. In this way, composite and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) materials serve to reduce weight and thereby lower fuel consumption by 25% as well as reducing the maintenance cost of the aircraft.

Michelin worked hand in hand with Airbus on this aircraft. Michelin is committed to providing innovation for safety and business efficiency.

Frank MOREAU, Michelin Aircraft Tire Company’s President

As innovation leaders, Michelin introduced the world’s first radial aircraft tire in 1981.  Michelin is a trusted partner for original equipment manufacturers and continuously incorporates smart innovations into designing tires that anticipate customer needs for future aircraft.

MICHELIN Radial NZG Technology has enabled Michelin to offer a new line of better performing, lower weight aircraft tires certified for the A350 XWB models.

Compared to an equivalent radial nylon tire, the new MICHELIN Radial NZG Technology tire is lighter, delivers up to 30% more landings, improves Foreign Objects Damage resistance leading to a reduction in unscheduled maintenance and increases the tire load carrying capacity.

In effect, 8, MICHELIN Radial NZG Technology Tires can carry the same load as 9 standard radial tires. This leads to improved business efficiency for airlines and private operators flying the A350 XWB.