MICHELIN Pro4 Endurance tires From Moscow to Vladivostock with Paola Gianotti and Paolo Aste

In 2014, MICHELIN Pro4 Endurance tires were ridden around the world in 144 days, covering a distance of 29,430 km. This year, they took on the challenge of the first edition of the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme, the world’s toughest bike race which covers 9,195 km along the legendary Trans-Siberian railway, featuring 15 stages and a total of 49 kilometres of climbing.

Paola Gianotti, the protagonist of the world tour, chose the same Michelin tires for this extreme enterprise. She was the only female participant.

From 15 July to 6 August, the MICHELIN Pro4 Endurance tires carried Italian duo Paola and Paolo Aste from Moscow to Vladivostock.

Along the 9,195 kilometres of the Trans-Siberian, Paola and Paolo’s MICHELIN Pro4 Endurance tires didn’t suffer a single puncture.

It was the first time I had tested the MICHELIN Pro4 Endurance tires and I found them very good. They provide good grip on wet and dry roads and the MICHELIN Pro4 Endurance 28c is perfect for the more uneven roads. And like Paola, I never punctured.

Paolo Aste

I had already tested the MICHELIN Pro4 Endurance tires in my world tour and the Russian experience was further confirmation of the quality of the tires. I mainly rode the Pro4 Endurance 25c, which I found great both on good asphalt and along the 750 km of roads under construction. Excellent grip and, above all, a perfect combination of comfort and handling. In such a race, where rhythm is very high, handling proved to be very important. Even more important though was the comfortable ride the MICHELIN Pro4 Endurance tires provided on the roads under construction. I was amazed that I never punctured. Paolo and I were the only ones who didn’t get a puncture during the whole race.

Paola Gianotti