MICHELIN Power All Season tire squaring up to its first winter on bicycle

Designed to take wintry road conditions in its stride, MICHELIN POWER All Season combines a number of innovative features in order to be the best friend of cyclists over the coming winter period.



Not only does this strong tyre boast 15 percent extra grip, but its energy efficiency has also been improved by five watts*.

The exceptional grip of MICHELIN POWER All Season tire stems from two key innovations:

  • Its special Grip Compound rubber functions particularly well at low temperatures for safer cycling on wet, dirty roads.
  • Its Hi-Grip Design tread pattern incorporates progressive sipes for enhanced lateral grip.

When being used with the correct air pressures, MICHELIN POWER All Season tire’s combination of this special compound and innovative tread pattern plays a fundamental part in providing outstanding grip in slippery conditions. The properties it packs to beat the winter are rounded out by Disc Brake Ready technology which improves braking performance when grip is at a premium.

Meanwhile, new aramid strengthening provides greater resistance to ward off cuts and perforations.

To ensure that cyclists are able to benefit from these advances as long as possible, MICHELIN has incorporated a Tread Wear Indicator, as indicated by the TWI markings on the side wall.

* Result of a grip evaluation test carried out by Wheel Energy in April 2015 compared with MICHELIN PRO4 Grip tire.