MICHELIN Pilot Sport4 - The new generation tire for premium and sports saloons

At the last Frankfurt motor show, Michelin presented five innovations, five brand-new offerings, which illustrate the innovative approach of the Group, on its quest to provide more customer-specific offerings.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 - 2016

Michelin switches from tires for everyone to tires for every individual

To this end, Michelin has introduced a unique approach in the world of tires by fitting out more than 3000 vehicles in Europe - in Germany, France, Sweden, the UK and Spain - with ultra-sophisticated electronic sensors that transmit in real time information about usage, temperature conditions and how motorists drive. This technological mechanism for analysing driver behaviour and usages in real time has made it possible to collect information concerning 38 million km of travel over several months.

Thanks to this highly precise information, to the partnerships with the world's biggest car manufacturers, its participation in many types of motor-sports competition and its Technology Centre, Michelin is today capable of proposing major innovations that are perfectly suited to the needs of its customers.

"Like lots of motorists, you enjoy the pleasure of driving, and this pleasure should not be at the expense of any other aspect of performance, be it safety or longevity! Accordingly, the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 which will go on sale from January 2016 in Europe, will constitute a game-changer when it comes to high-performance tires for sports and high-end saloons," says Thierry Chiche, Executive Vice-President Passenger Car and Light Truck Product Line, Michelin.