MICHELIN Pilot Sport S9L tires for the new Renault Sport R.S. 01

As part of its association with the World Series by Renault (WSR), Michelin will provide Renault Sport with its latest high-performance tire – the MICHELIN Pilot Sport S9L – for the new Renault Sport R.S. 01 which is to star in the French make’s racing showpiece. Based on Michelin’s so-called ‘customer competition’ range, the tire will also be available for all GT3 competitors from 2015.

The new, powerful and efficient Renault Sport R.S. 01 is poised to enjoy a successful career in the World Series by Renault. For that, however, it needed a tire that would allow its full potential to be exploited, which is why Michelin proposed the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport S9L tire.

Philippe MUSSATI, the Clermont-Ferrand firm’s customer competition programmes manager, explains: “We found ourselves faced with the sort of challenge we love at Michelin because Renault Sport set the bar extremely high with its new car which boasts an exceptional performance pedigree. We are proud to have succeeded in meeting the exacting demands with regard to its high power output and torque. In addition to delivering outright performance, we were also asked to dial in consistency and to make sure that the MICHELIN Pilot Sport S9L tire was easy for the drivers to manage, since the R.S. 01’s programme is based on a combination of sprint and endurance races. Indeed, competitors will only be permitted to use two sets per sprint race, so that called for a bland of durability and consistent delivery of performance lap after lap."

“Technically, it was a tough task and our team set to work to match the MICHELIN Pilot Sport S9L tire to the demands of this brand car and its use for racing purposes. The MICHELIN Total Performance strategy, which consists in taking all the parameters that contribute to tire performance forward at the same time, with no detriment any one of those parameters, or to quality, gave us the means to meet the challenge. I would also like to underline the perfect synergy that developed between our engineers and their counterparts at Renault Sport which contributed to the end result.”

Michelin will provide Renault Sport with two sizes of the Michelin Pilot Sport S9L tires, namely 30-68x18 for the front wheels and 31-71x18 for the rear.

The decision to fit an 18-inch tire is in-line with Michelin’s desire to see as many parallels as possible between racing and road tires. In this way, new technologies developed for motorsport can be carried over more swiftly to its road tires.