MICHELIN PUBLISHES A NEW Guide COLLECTION - 7 cities in your pocket

As the travel specialist with a pedigree stretching back more than a century, Michelin now publishes a new collection for the 18-35 age range.
Guide en un coup d'oeil

Michelin helps you to discover 7 flagship destinations in the space of a weekend, for chilling, having fun, shopping, eating out or just having a drink. In pocket format, just slip it in your jeans or jacket pocket, and its simple and intuitive “tweet” content is suited to the length of your stay.


Michelin has always known how to adapt to the needs of travellers, since publishing the first Green Guide Brittany in 1926, and the first Michelin map in 1905. Over the space of century, travel habits have changed profoundly. Travelling these days is a whole new ball game. If the Green Guide and the Weekend Green Guide are vital tools for discovering a destination, this new collection is perfectly suited to a target audience of busy young travellers wanting to see at-a-glance what their city break has to offer.


This new collection is born of a simple idea: combining two MICHELIN specialities - maps and tourist content. This concentration of Michelin know-how is at the heart of this new collection. This makes it easy for tourists to find their way around. The addresses and points of interest are all taken from the Green Guide, with its star system notation as a reliable quality guide. Its smartphone-scale pocket format makes it very practical, and it’s folded for easy consultation. On the left are the places to visit and where to eat, and on the right - spanning two pages - is the simplified Michelin map on which the points of interest are clearly identified by symbols representing the addresses of cafes, restaurants, shops, cultural sites, and so on.