MICHELIN CrossClimate confronting changing weather conditions

Michelin CrossClimate


Key information:

In May 2015, European motorists will for the first time be able to purchase a summer tire that has been certified for use in winter. Thanks to a combination of summer and winter tire technologies, the new MICHELIN CrossClimate delivers an appropriate level of safety in all weather conditions, throughout the year.

New, different and unexpected, the MICHELIN CrossClimate is the only tire that combines the benefits of summer and winter tires. It brakes in short distances on dry ground, has earned the top “A” rating in wet braking on European tire labels and is approved for winter use, indicated with the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) certification (displayed on the sidewall) indicating that it can be used in all seasons, even in countries that require special equipment for winter driving.

And like all MICHELIN tires, the new MICHELIN CrossClimate also provides long mileage, energy efficiency, and a comfortable ride.

Recently added to Michelin’s existing tire catalog, the new MICHELIN CrossClimate tire addresses an increasingly urgent need among European motorists to feel safer when faced with unstable, unpredictable weather conditions. Road conditions can change from one day to the next, during the same day or sometimes even in just a few hours. Rain and snow amplify drivers’ need to be properly equipped in changing weather conditions, to ensure their safety and that of their loved ones.The new MICHELIN CrossClimate offers reassurance, making it possible to deal with changes in the weather. But above all, the new tire delivers total safety performance simply and economically. Motorists can drive the entire year in the most common weather situations, on just one set of MICHELIN CrossClimate tires.

The new MICHELIN CrossClimate is thus the fullest expression of the Group's strategy, MICHELIN Total Performance, which consists of delivering more performance in the same tire. This strategy informs all of the Group’s research and development activities. To provide solutions that are best suited to user expectations and to ensure the relevance of its innovations, Michelin first conducts in-depth studies to understand how motorists use their equipment. To this end, the Group introduced a road usage laboratory in 2014. The MICHELIN CrossClimate is the result of this far-reaching knowledge and research process.