Kohaku obtains three stars in the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2016

343 Bib Gourmands reflect Tokyo’s dynamic culinary diversity


Michelin today unveiled its highly anticipated MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2016, which recommends the best restaurants and hotels in Tokyo.

The 2016 edition of the guide sees a new Three Star restaurant – Kohaku – a Japanese restaurant which has been promoted from its previous Two Stars and so brings the total number of Three Star restaurants to 13. The other 12 Three Star restaurants have maintained their high standards to retain this award. The MICHELIN Guide’s Three Star award is defined as “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!” and is a privilege held by only 100 or so restaurants around the world.

There are 3 new Two Stars, two of which are promoted from One Star: Beige Alain Ducasse- French and Momonoki-Chinese. And one is a new addition: Dominique Bouchet-French. There are 17 new One Stars, two of which were promoted from a Bib Gourmand : Da Olmo-Italian and Tsuta-Ramen For Tsuta, it is a first ramen restaurant joins the MICHELIN Guide’s list of One Stars.

Bib Gourmands, are becoming more and more popular and reflect Tokyo’s dynamic culinary diversity. This award is for those establishments offering quality food at affordable prices and for this edition the limit is 5,000 JPY or less. It also reflects the continuing trend for competitively priced, less structured and more flexible dining. This year all cuisine types have been considered and not just Washoku, French and Italian. The following 11 cuisine types now feature in the list of Bib Gourmands: Chinese; Curry; Gyoza; Indian; Korean; Peruvian; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Thai; and Vietnamese.
(Peruvian, Portuguese, Russian and Vietnamese cuisine all feature in the MICHELIN Guide in Japan for the first time).

Bernard DELMAS, Chairman of Nihon Michelin Tire, announced “Thanks to our readers, we have reached the 9th year of the MICHELIN Guide in Japan.  Since the first publication in 2007, we have expanded the area to cover 23 wards. Bib Gourmands awards, which recognize those establishments offering quality food at affordable prices, first appeared in our 2014 edition. The targeted cuisine categories has expanded every year and this time all cuisine categories have been considered, with the result that we have 35 different categories of cuisine on the list of Bib Gourmands, which makes this edition so interesting.      

I’m sure that even more readers will appreciate this year’s selection and will use the guide for all sorts of occasions.  We hope that people from all over Japan and also from overseas will visit Tokyo and find fabulous restaurants using this guide book or the dedicated website on their smart phones. “

Michael ELLIS, International Director of the MICHELIN guides commented “I think that our selection reflects the energy of Tokyo’s gastronomic scene. Tokyo is one of most attractive gastronomic cities in the world and its restaurants are numerous and varied. Tokyo’s infrastructure is good too so high quality ingredients can pour in not just from Japan but from around the globe. This guide speaks of the great choice provided by Tokyo’s cuisine scene and of its very high quality level. We want to continue to shine a light on the food of Tokyo and to provide the latest and most reliable selection to our readers.”

The MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2016, which is printed in Japanese, will go on sale in bookshops in Japan on Friday, 4th Dec.  The selection is also available in digital format both in Japanese and English.  The update of the digital data will be done today prior to the launch of the printed book.

The new edition features 599 establishments, including 39 hotels and 560 restaurants.  The selection comprises:

  • 13  three stars restaurants (of which 1 has been promoted)
  • 51  two stars restaurants (of which 1 is new, 2 have been promoted)
  • 153 one star restaurants (of which 15 are new, 2 have been promoted)
  • 343 Bib gourmand restaurants (of which 83 are new )