Heavy trucks - New MICHELIN X WORKS Damage Guarantee

Michelin unveils a new guarantee, free of charge, managed and activated online, offering freight carriers a better budget management.
Garantie dommages X Works

Peace of mind is guaranteed for worksite supply activities

  • In 2015, Michelin is offering a free guarantee for MICHELIN X ® WORKS ™ tires used for worksite supply activities.
  • It covers accidental damages to tires, both on new vehicles and replacement tires.
  • All that is needed to benefit from it, is to simply register online on the MyAccount page, which can be accessed from the Website Internet
  • In the event of a tire incident, the dealer will issue a refund in the form of credit.

Given the risk of tire incidents occurring in the everyday activities of freight carriers performing deliveries to construction sites, Michelin offers them a new damage guarantee. The latter applies for the MICHELIN X® WORKS™ tire range, for tires equipping new vehicles or those purchased as a replacement.

Completely free of charge, the new Michelin Damage Guarantee allows its user customers to safeguard their tire investment. In the event of an incident to a MICHELIN X® WORKS™ tire, a refund in the form of credit will be issued by the dealer. It is simple to register and to activate it, because everything is done online through the MyAccount page, which can be accessed from the Website

Given that their transport activities are carried out on roads, on dirt tracks and in quarries, freight companies should equip their trucks with tires that are both robust on harsh terrain and durable on asphalt.

MICHELIN X® WORKS™ tires meet these robustness, endurance, durability and safety objectives. The new damage guarantee enables work to be carried out with even greater peace of mind, because the budget remains under control, even when the unexpected occurs.

The relevance of the new Damage Guarantee, comes from the fact that all players in the transport chain reap benefits:

Transport companies that carry out worksite supply activities are the main focus. The new MICHELIN X® WORKS™ Damage Guarantee allows them to work with greater peace of mind, because the risks inherent in their business are taken into account.

Freight carriers gain a financial coverage in the event of accidental damage, without requiring any paperwork. Registration procedures are simple. They are performed on the Website in 4 clicks and less than 2 minutes.

For tire dealers, the new MICHELIN X® WORKS™ Damage Guarantee strengthens the relationship developed with the customer. They have available, in addition to a range of robust, high-performance tires, a tool that increases the user’s trust, at no extra cost for the latter.

For dealers selling new vehicles, the new MICHELIN X® WORKS™ Damage Guarantee is an argument in favour of using MICHELIN tires. Indeed,  it means that the entire vehicle, including the tires, is guaranteed when purchased new. The registration process is simple and clear, and it is easy to implement at no cost.

A higher level of performances, greater peace of mind, more services, greater savings, more consideration of the problems and concerns of user customers and more solutions for freight carriers are, in summary, what is achieved by combining MICHELIN X® WORKStire range with its new damage guarantee.

This new offer demonstrates Michelin's commitment to developing a better mobility by innovating both in the tire and the related services.