#Energise the Road with Michelin

If you’re a long-haul trucker, you can become a Michelin tire tester and share your experience.
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For the launch of its new MICHELIN X® LINETM EnergyTM Series 80 & 65 tires, Michelin is calling on social networks so that its tires can be tested in real conditions of use.

  • If you’re a long-haul trucker – either independent or a company employee – in France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands or Poland…
  • If you're connected and use social networks…
  • If you’re concerned by questions about fuel-savings…
  • …you can become an Energy Driver for the Michelin Group.

Join #TeamEnergy

Team Energy

From April 1 through May 31, Michelin is organizing a game called Energise the Road and inviting long-haul truckers to become an Energy Driver. An Energy Driver is a professional driver concerned about fuel savings and connected to social networks and who wants to share his experience with the trucking community.

The #TeamEnergy selection process

Applicants fill out an online questionnaire and a jury comprised of members of Michelin Truck tire teams will choose one Energy Driver per country.

Team Energy Driver


Each Energy Driver will be fitted free of charge with a complete set of the new MICHELIN X® LINETM EnergyTM tires on both the tractor and trailer. The Energy Drivers will be invited to Michelin headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand for a VIP day during which they will learn about the tire and its contribution to fuel savings.

Get Energised

Real-life #DrivewithEnergy testers

Since for Michelin, tire performance is only meaningful if it can be demonstrated in real life, the Energy Drivers will test tires as part of their day-to-day operations. Beginning on June 1, the Energy Drivers will be encouraged to share their experience, feelings and results on social networks. Throughout the entire operation, the website will relay messages from Energy Drivers, especially the number of kilometers traveled and the liters of fuel saved compared with the tires previously fitted on their rigs. And since their experience is relevant only if shared, Michelin will invite everyone to support the Energy Driver of their choice by sending a tweet via Twitter or posting a photograph on Instagram, adding the hashtag of their favorite Energy Driver. The hashtag for the French Energy Driver is #MICHELINXLINEFR. Each month, participants will be able to win a fuel voucher card worth €100.

Team Energy Supporter

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With #EnergiseTheRoad, Michelin is reaffirming its close ties to truckers in a way that is fun-filled, connected, innovative and interactive while also allowing them to express themselves. After all, they know the road better than anyone.