EFFIFUEL™ from MICHELIN® solutions Delivers Fuel Savings

2014 Michelin Solutions EFFIFUEL process

Key Points

  • With EFFIFUEL™, MICHELIN® solutions promises to help trucking companies reduce their fuel consumption.
  • EFFIFUEL™ is a comprehensive ecosystem that includes sophisticated telematics, training in eco-driving techniques and the EFFITIRES™ optimized tire management system.
  • EFFIFUEL™ promises customers their money back if they are not satisfied. It is the only commitment of its kind in the market.
  • Since it was launched, EFFIFUEL™ has delivered fuel savings of 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers to its trucking company customers, with the potential for even higher gains.
  • If the entire European trucking industry were to achieve the same fuel savings of 1.5 l/100 km over one year, the use of EFFIFUEL™ from
  • MICHELIN® solutions could save more than three billion litres of fuel, avoid the release of nine million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and create more than €3 billion in additional added value for the trucking industry (or more than €1,300 per truck per year).

For the first time, a subsidiary of a major manufacturer is moving beyond pure tire sales to address the issue of fuel savings with a performance promise backed by a money‐back guarantee. In a time of recession, innovation is more important than ever, and innovation is what EFFIFUEL™ is all about.