Bonnes Petites Tables du guide MICHELIN 2014, showcases the Inspectors’ Favorite Restaurants

Featuring more than 650 restaurants – of which 110 newly selected – in France, the Bonnes Petites Tables du guide MICHELIN 2014 is available in bookstores on Friday. The restaurants guarantee a good meal at an affordable price.

One month before the publication of the MICHELIN guide France 2014, Michelin is today unveiling the new edition of its Bonnes Petites Tables du guide MICHELIN, which provides a preview of all the Bib Gourmand restaurants in France. The Bib Gourmand label is awarded to restaurants that serve especially good food at reasonable prices. In short, they are the restaurants the MICHELIN guide inspectors recommend to their friends.

This year, 651 restaurants throughout France have been awarded the Bib Gourmand label, including 110 chosen for the first time. Both the number and the diversity of these gourmet dining establishments are on the rise. Whether serving traditional, fusion or creative cuisine, whether a country inn or a trendy bistro, the restaurants in the 2014 selection include something for everyone.

What’s more, the Bib Gourmand restaurants are increasingly popular with readers.

The success of the Bib Gourmand restaurants is growing year after year. There’s a real word-of-mouth phenomenon at work here since readers are increasingly looking for restaurants that offer quality, conviviality, simplicity and affordable prices.

Michael Ellis, International Director of the MICHELIN guides

The Bib Gourmand label is much appreciated by restaurateurs as well as by readers. Many wellknown chefs with starred restaurants have opened a second, simpler establishment that reveals another facet of their cuisine. Examples of new Bib Gourmand restaurants in this category are chef Jean-Luc Rabanel’s Bistro d’À Côté in Arles, Michel Trama’s La Poule d’Or in Puymirol and Olivier Nasti’s Winstub in Kaysersberg. These restaurants allow diners to sample the chef’s gourmet delights in a simpler setting.

In recent years, the Bib Gourmand trend has in particular won over a generation of young chefs trained in outstanding restaurants. When the time comes to branch out of their own, many of them opt for a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that allows them to focus on high-quality cooking. Two examples in the 2014 selection are Pario, created in Paris’s 15th arrondissement by Brazilian chef Eduardo Jacinto, who for many years worked with Christian Constant, and Bistro du’O, in Vaison-la-Romaine, which was taken over by Philippe Zemour and Gaëlle Renard, a young couple that trained under leading chefs. In this way, an insistence on quality has infused all of French gastronomy.

Indicated in the MICHELIN guide by a symbol, the Bib Gourmand label is awarded to restaurants in France that offer a full three-course meal (starter, main dish and dessert) for no more than 31 euros (35 euros in Paris). Introduced in 1997, the label takes its name from Bibendum, the famed Michelin Man.

Bonnes Petites Tables du Guide Michelin 2014 goes on sale on Friday, January 31 for €17.90. The rest of the selection in the MICHELIN guide France 2014 will be announced on February 24.