At the Paris Air Show (15-21 June 2015), Michelin presents its new range of Michelin Air X tires

Michelin - Le Bourget - 2015

The Aviation Product Line of Michelin is on a roll in the run-up to the Paris Air Show, an event that constitutes the pinnacle moment in 2015 for exchanges with our customers and partners.

Michelin indeed last year received its certification for the Boeing 737 Max7 and Max8, while on 23 December 2014 an Airbus A350-900 of Qatar Airways made its first commercial flight sporting Michelin Air X tires, equipped with NZG technology. Michelin's Aviation Product Line was also awarded by Boeing with the title of "Supplier of the Year", just a few months after also receiving the "Performance Excellence Award" from the same company. This distinction acknowledges Michelin's capacity to address the issues of cost, quality and technical expertise. The fact that Michelin, out of 13,000 referenced suppliers at Boeing, received this distinction shows that the permanent commitment of the Clermont-based company in striving to satisfy its customers’ needs has not gone unnoticed.

The 2015 International Paris Air Show is, for Michelin, an opportunity to promote the special relationship that it has with one of its partners: Dassault Aviation. The imminent market launch of the Falcon 5X and Falcon 8X, for which Michelin is exclusive supplier with its Michelin Air X tires with NZG technology, along with the sales contracts for the Rafale military jet, for which Michelin has developed the Michelin Air X radial tires, offer shining illustrations of French excellence.

Like other aircraft manufacturers, Dassault Aviation only uses the best technologies available. Launched in 2001, NZG (Near Zero Growth) technology limits the the carcass’ circumference growth (subject to centrifugal force and high pressures) through the use of nylon and aramid components, giving the tire a longer service life and better resistance to damage (FOD). Michelin's introduction of the NZG-technology radial tire constituted a game-changing innovation in the world of aviation tires.

Michelin innovates unceasingly: the 6600 people working in the Michelin R&D centres have succeeded in obtaining improved safety and operational efficiency for the Michelin Air X tires, while using less material than in conventional bias tires. This is what is meant by Michelin's commitment to sustainable mobility.

Franck Moreau, Aviation Product Line director, Michelin.


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