A record number of “starred” restaurants in the 2013 MICHELIN Guide Switzerland

The 2013 MICHELIN guide Switzerland lists 100 starred restaurants, a record number that reconfirms the country’s high level of gourmet cuisine.

To be released on November 22 in Switzerland and on December 3 in Germany and Austria, the 2013 MICHELIN guide Switzerland lists 100 “starred” restaurants for the first time, including 11 new rankings.

The new edition of the guide confirms the three stars awarded to Schauenstein in Fürstenau and Hôtel de Ville in Crissier. The latter establishment was cited by Michelin inspectors for the outstanding accomplishments of Benoît Violier. After serving as Philippe Rochat’s assistant for many years, Mr.
Violier took over as head chef in April and maintained Hôtel de Ville’s standing as one of the world’s leading restaurants.

Another highlight of the 2013 selection was the attribution of a second star to two restaurants offering modern, creative cuisine: Stucki in Basel, where Tanja Grandit, one of the very few “starred” woman chefs in Europe, serves a wide variety of highly aromatic dishes, and Ecco on Snow in St. Moritz. Already awarded a star for its first selection in the guide, the restaurant recently opened for the winter season. In the summer, chef Rolf Fliegauf and his team move to the Ecco restaurant in Ascona, which already has two stars.

Nine restaurants were awarded their first star: Bel Etage and Matisse in Basel, Auberge de la Croix Blanche in Villarepos, Talvo By Dalsass in Saint Moritz/Champfèr, Seerestaurant in Hergiswil, Le Petit Manoir in Morges, Le Restaurant in Vevey, Heimberg in Zermatt and Clouds in Zürich. In all, the 2013 selection includes 18 two stars restaurants and 80 one star restaurants.

With a record 93 restaurants awarded the Bib Gourmand label, the new guide’s selection also demonstrates the ability of Swiss chefs to create high-quality, fixed-price menus that are affordable even to diners on the tightest budgets. All of the Bib Gourmand restaurants in the guide (indicated in the MICHELIN guide by a pictogram) offer excellent value for money. Whether they are trendy restaurantsor small bistros, offering traditional or inventive cooking, and serving French or foreign food, all feature a high-quality meal for less than 65 Swiss francs.

Thanks to a uniform, rigorous selection system applied in 23 countries, the MICHELIN guide is an international benchmark for gourmet dining. All of the restaurants featured in the selection were selected by the MICHELIN guide’s famous inspectors who, following a demanding training period,
anonymously travel the roads of Switzerland in search of the best addresses. They apply the same methods used for decades by MICHELIN guide inspectors throughout the world to ensure a uniform, international standard of excellence. As a guarantee of complete objectivity, Michelin inspectors pay all their bills in full.

The 2013 MICHELIN guide Switzerland will go on sale on November 22 for 33 Swiss francs (€29.95 in Germany and €30.80 in Austria). The new edition includes 1,702 addresses, comprising:

  • 846 hotels
  • 856 restaurants
  • 2 three stars restaurants
  • 18 two stars restaurants
  • 80 one star restaurants
  • 93 Bib Gourmand restaurants