A new three-star restaurant in the 2014 MICHELIN guide Germany

The number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Germany has increased by 26% in just five years, illustrating the outstanding quality of German cuisine and the country’s growing presence on the international culinary scene.

Michelin is today unveiling the 51st edition of the MICHELIN guide Germany whose selection powerfully illustrates the extreme vitality of the country’s culinary scene.

Among the restaurants featured in the 2014 edition, Überfahrt Christian Jürgense in Rottach-Egern received its first three-star rating, a distinction shared by only around 100 restaurants in the world. Chef Christian Jürgense, who learned his trade from the German cooking legend Eckart Witzigmann, impressed the Michelin inspectors with his extremely inventive and expressive use of local ingredients. In commenting about the restaurant’s chef, the International Director of the MICHELIN guides Michael Ellis said: “His cooking is superbly accomplished and enlightened. Christian Jürgense has his own
signature cooking style. His personality is wondrously revealed through his meticulously thought-out, impeccably prepared dishes, resulting from a subtle blend of contrasts and a superb mastery of textures and tastes.” The new addition gives Germany a total of 11 three-star restaurants, confirming its ranking as the second country in Europe, behind France, with the most three-star establishments.

Germany has also increased the number of its establishments in the two-star category to 37, with the addition of three new restaurants: Schlossberg in Baiersbornn, Tiger-Gourmet in Frankfurt and FACIL in Berlin, whose chef Michael Kempf represents a new generation of young talented culinarians who have trained under some of the world’s leading chefs.

Further proof of the outstanding quality of Germany’s gourmet dining scene, it’s the first time in 45 years that the guide has had so many new one-star listings. A total of 39 restaurants received their first star this year, including four that have women as their head chefs: Reisers am Stein in Wüzburg (Caroline Baum), Restaurant Anna Sgroi in Hamburg (Anna Sgroi), Clara-Restaurant im Kaisersaal in Erful (Maria Groβ) and Spices in Sylt-List (Sarah Henke). In addition, Berlin is building a reputation as one of the finest dining capitals in Europe. A number of chefs have been enchanted by the city’s eclectic atmosphere. Pierre Gagnaire and Paco Perez opened restaurants – Les Solistes by Pierre Gagnaire at the Waldorf Astoria and 5-Cinco by Paco – both of which obtained one-star ratings in the 2014 guide. Michelin inspectors also noted that a growing number of small one-star restaurants are offering high-quality cooking in a much more relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. The 2014 MICHELIN guide Germany features 274 starred restaurants, an increase of 26% in just five years.

The Bib Gourmand label continues to be popular among customers and restaurant owners. It is symbolized in the MICHELIN guide by a pictogram and is awarded to restaurants that offer quality cooking and a full meal (starter, main course and dessert) for 35 euros or less. With 51 new listings in the 2014 guide, Germany now has 452 Bib Gourmand restaurants.
Thanks to a uniform, rigorous selection process applied in 23 countries, the MICHELIN guide is an international benchmark for gourmet dining. All of the restaurants featured in the selection were selected by the MICHELIN guide’s famous inspectors who, following a demanding training period, anonymously travel the roads of Germany in search of the best addresses. They apply the same methods used for decades by MICHELIN guide inspectors throughout the world to ensure a uniform, international standard of excellence. Stars are awarded on a consensus basis according to five criteria that are the same everywhere around the world: product quality, preparation and flavors, the chef's personality as revealed through his or her cuisine, value for money, and consistency over time and across the entire menu. These criteria are adapted to each type of cuisine. As a guarantee of complete objectivity, Michelin inspectors pay all their bills in full.

The 2014 MICHELIN guide Germany will be available on November 8 in sales outlets everywhere and priced at 29.95 euros. It can also be purchased on the Michelin Restaurants website ( The 51st edition lists 3,817 hotels and 2,229 restaurants, including:

  • 274 starred restaurants
    • 11 three-star restaurants (1 new)
    • 37 two-star restaurants (3 new)
    • 226 one-star restaurants (39 new)
  • 452 Bib Gourmand restaurants (51 new)