A new Michelin Man truck mascot

The Michelin Man – aka Bibendum – was voted Best Logo of the Century by an international panel of judges in 2000. Known across the globe, the congenial character is in the news once again…


A new version of the Michelin Man mascot, sitting comfortably on two truck tyres, is now available to proudly adorn vehicle cabins, offices or even the home, not to mention the cabinets of Michelin item collectors, of course!

Two sizes (height: 19cm or 43cm) will ultimately be produced and the new mascot will be sold in service stations and other outlets complete with a self-adhesive plinth.

Created by the French illustrator O’Galop in 1898, the Michelin Man has lost none of his original bonhomie over the years. On the contrary, he is probably more lovable than ever today and continues to stand out as reassuring emblem of the French tyre brand and its stance on mobility.