2 new MICHELIN BIB MOUSSE Run-flat tires solutions for off-road motorcycle

In the wake of last August’s launch at the 2017 ISDE of a new, versatile range of enduro tyres, Michelin has extended its line-up with the addition of two new Bib Mousse inserts for enduro and motocross use. These two new solutions will be available for purchase from stockists in February 2018.



MICHELIN Bib Mousse’s reputation is backed by an unrivalled record of 34 Dakar victories since 1983, along with 22 enduro world titles and seven Motocross World Championship crowns. Michelin has now extended its catalogue of run-flat inserts for off-road use with the introduction of MICHELIN Bib Mousse M14 and MICHELIN Bib Mousse M199.

MICHELIN Bib Mousse inserts – which account for 80 percent of the market, notably in the world of motorsport – are the perfect companion for enduro, cross-country rally and motocross motorcycle tyres. An alternative to the familiar innertubes, they are designed to keep riders on the move. In addition to being lighter than a conventional reinforced innertube, they ‘inflate’ tyres to the equivalent of 0.9 bar. Combined exclusively with MICHELIN tyres, MICHELIN Bib Mousse inserts provide enhanced agility and grip, as well as extra lateral grip and outstanding longevity.

Developed especially for use in association with MICHELIN ENDURO Medium and MICHELIN STAR CROSS 5 tyres, MICHELIN Bib Mousse M14 and MICHELIN Bib Mousse M199 feature a new formulation for an even longer lifespan and improved handling. Tested and approved by the sport’s leading competitors, these two new products lost no time becoming a natural choice for intensive use.

The new MICHELIN Bib Mousse M14 and new MICHELIN Bib Mousse M199 join the existing range of M15, M16, M18, M22 and M02 inserts to provide a choice of seven different solutions and a total choice of 40 variants for 18- to 21-inch wheels.

MICHELIN Bib Mousse M199 (110/90-19) variants:

110/90-19 StarCross 5 SAND

  • 110/90-19 MICHELIN StarCross 5 Sand
  • 110/90-19 MICHELIN StarCross 5 Soft
  • 120/80-19 MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium
  • 120/90-19 MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium
  • 120/80-19 MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium
  • 110/90-19 MICHELIN StarCross 5 Hard

MICHELIN Bib Mousse M14 (140/80-18) variants:

  • 120/90-18 MICHELIN StarCross 5 Soft
  • 120/90-18 MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium
  • 140/80-18 MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium