WRC 2017 - MICHELIN tires are essentiels at Rallye de Monte-Carlo

MICHELIN’s tyres ready for a particularly thrilling FIA WRC campaign



Tyres: always a key parameter on the Rallye Monte-Carlo

  • Extensive test programme fitted to the latest-generation World Rally Cars
  • Michelin’s team advisors: a vital role
  • The Rallye Monte-Carlo’s notoriously uncertain weather conditions 

Michelin’s tyres for the 2017 Rallye Monte-Carlo

  • For dry and wet ground: the MICHELIN Pilot Sport S5 and SS5 > more competitive than ever
  • For slush: the MICHELIN Pilot Alpin A41 > performance in low grip conditions
  • For snow/ice: the MICHELIN Pilot Alpin A4 CL > advanced technology
  • Driver tyre allocations for the 2017 Rallye Monte-Carlo 

WRC2: bespoke tyres for this popular, closely 6fought championship

The cars which star in WRC2 are less powerful and only have two driven wheels. As at WRC level, open competition between tyre companies is authorised and the level of competition is extremely close. Many WRC drivers have emerged via this class and Michelin has topped the series for the past three years. On the Rallye Monte-Carlo, the entry list includes drivers like Norway’s Andreas Mikkelsen and Frenchman Eric Camilli who both competed at WRC level in 2016 but whose berths were either directly or indirectly compromised by the withdrawal of Volkswagen.

For the 2017 Rallye Monte-Carlo, Michelin’s WRC2 partners will use tyres that are commercially available,

For dry and damp ground, they will be able to count on the performance and versatility of the MICHELIN Pilot Sport R S and MICHELIN Pilot Sport R SS (S = soft compound / SS = super soft). Their size is the same as the tyres used by the World Rally Cars (235/40R18, equivalent to 20/65-18). In more wintry conditions, the drivers will be able to fit the MICHELIN NA00 (snow) or its studded equivalent, the MICHELIN NA00 CL (ice), as was already the case in 2016. Again like the tyres used by WRC competitors, the snow/ice tyre is narrower than the dry/wet weather asphalt tyre (215/45R18, equivalent to 18/65-18).

Michelin’s staff on the 2017 Rallye Monte-Carlo

Michelin will have a staff of 20 on the Rallye Monte-Carlo.

Michelin to celebrate its 50th FIA WRC title

In 1973, when the day’s equivalent to the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) staged the first World Rally Championship, Michelin formally inaugurated a Competitions department, the forerunner of today’s Michelin Motorsport. The Rallye Monte-Carlo was already an internationally reputed event and winning it was even seen as a priority over winning the championship itself.

Conquering the extreme conditions thrown at them by the Rallye Monte-Carlo was a huge challenge for the drivers who, in their bid to earn the glory associated with winning the classic, were offered a range of up to 60 different types of tyre! Thanks to today’s technology, Michelin has since slimmed the available range down to just four different types of tyre and three different compounds.

The 1973 World Rally Championship kicked off with the Rallye Monte-Carlo which was won by the Michelin-equipped Alpine Renault A110 of Jean-Claude Andruet/Biche.

It was the first of Michelin’s 25 Rallye Monte-Carlo victories as a WRC qualifying round.

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