WEC 2018/2019 - New (super) season, new playground for MICHELIN

The menu of the 2018/2019 FIA WEC sees world class endurance racing provide yet another example of its inventive thinking with a programme of eight rounds that straddle two calendar years, including two attempts at the Le Mans 24 Hours, plus one 12-hour race:
the 1,500 Miles of Sebring (see calendar, page 17).


The new-look FIA World Endurance Championship has the makings of being an exceptional competition. Not only does the 2018/2019 Super Season span two calendar years but, for the very first time, the programme concludes with the Le Mans 24 Hours. Because of this, we have had to provide our partners with tyres that pack technology and deliver performance that will continue to be relevant more than a year from now, despite the fact that the cars they equip will inevitably have moved forward. This was a bigchallenge for us but  we rose to it with both confidence and humility. As a company, Michelin has always invested in technology, and this naturally extends to the world of motorsport, too. The longterm commitments we have made in endurance racing – which take us up to at least 2021 as far as the FIA WEC is concerned, and which also include the Asian Le Mans Series and, from 2019, IMSA – testify to the knowhow we have built up in the discipline, yet at the same time we are perfectly aware that we can never take anything for granted. Some of our tyres are brand new and being sure that we provide our partners with the most appropriate solution at the right time is an additional challenge for our team advisers. Performance naturally plays an important role in this sport, but being able to deliver that performance consistently over a period of time is equally vital. It is therefore our hope that the quality of the show the drivers involved in the Super Season put on will be due in part to the quality of the tyres we have developed for them and, in many cases, with their input.

I wish you all a highly  ewarding and successful season and look forward to sharing the passion you have for this tremendous discipline.