Michelin and Fabien Barel win the first race in the Enduro World Series with a 27.5-inch tire, a world first!

Michelin and Fabien Barel won the first event in the all-new Enduro World Series championship with 27.5- inch Michelin prototype mountain bike tires.

The world’s best riders were in Punta Ala, Italy, on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19 for the first race in the championship. Fabien Barel, equipped with 27.5-inch prototype tires, won with a 12.5-second lead over the second-place finisher.

In the prologue, despite difficult weather conditions and wet paving stones due to heavy rain, the two riders equipped with MICHELIN tires stood out among the race’s 400 riders. Alex Cure, riding for the Urge Bike Product Enduro Team, and Fabien Barel, for the Canyon Factory Enduro Team, finished respectively first and second. This historic one-two finish augured well for the following day, when the rest of the race was held.

Four special stages were scheduled for Sunday. The continuing rain left the terrain muddy and slippery, placing enormous physical demands on the riders. Motivated by his second-place finish of the previous day, Fabien Barel won two out of four specials, leaving his competitors far behind.

With two and a half years of research and development alongside Fabien Barel, Michelin developed a new prototype Enduro tire for the weekend’s five special stages.

Winner Fabien Barel chose a 27.5-inch size of the prototype tire, while Alex Cure’s bike was fitted with a 26-inch prototype Enduro tire on the front wheel and a 26x2.35 MICHELIN Wild Grip’R2 Advanced Reinforced tire on the rear wheel.

Once again, racing is enabling the Group to test its future tires in the most extreme conditions of use while benefiting from the experience of the world's best mountain bike riders. In this way, Michelin can respond effectively to the expectations of all users, regardless of their demands.