Formula-E 2015/2016 - Paris ePrix

Welcome to Paris !


As a founding partner of the FIA Formula-E Championship, Michelin demonstrated its capacity for cuttingedge innovation by developing a single tyre for the single-seater cars that star in this exciting discipline.
Our Group believed in this pioneering competition from the very outset because it sends out a strong, positive message in favour of clean mobility. Promoting energy efficiency and electric vehicles by means of races that take place in the centre of major cities, including Paris, symbolises our environmental awareness and is a victory for modern motor racing.

Michelin also competes in Formula-E to collect data that contributes to the development of new technologies. Indeed, motorsport is an extremely valuable laboratory that helps us to speed up the carry-over of technologies to our road tyres of tomorrow. The same reasoning is behind our participation in other world class disciplines like the World Rally Championship [WRC], the World Endurance Championship [WEC] and MotoGP. Yet however rational our involvement in all these sports may be, we still need to competitive and the long list of victories and titles we have won over the years points to how successful we have been on that front.

In addition to opening up a new chapter in motor racing history, the first ePrix to take place in Paris provides Michelin with a further opportunity to communicate its passion for motorsport and showcase its position as a technological pioneer.”

Pascal Couasnon - Director, MICHELIN MOTORSPORT

Circuit trace "Paris ePrix (2016)" Formula-E