The transformation of the Michelin group headquarters

Ibringing the Carmes site into a new era: a vision shared by Clermont-auvergne-métropole and Michelin


In both the architecture and the running of the project, the transformation of the Carmes site expresses the new way in which Michelin is opening up to the town and to the world.

Jean-Dominique SENARD, CEO of Michelin Group

The crucible in which Michelin was forged and dynamic hub of Clermont-Ferrand, the Carmes site has symbolic resonance. Its urban transformation today reflects how the ambitions of Métropole and Michelin are converging, pointing toward a shared future vision.

This once rural zone, situated on the historic city outskirts, was initially a place of industry. Service activities then gradually began to predominate, making it the ideal location for the Group’s head office. In terms of town planning and architecture, this long process has
culminated in a somewhat disparate complex, suffering from a lack of identity.

Conceived in the round, the metamorphosis of Carmes seeks to reflect the extensive influence of the headquarters of this global group that Michelin has become, while offering a new living space to local residents, the people of Clermont-Ferrand and all the citizens of the metropolitan area. The redevelopment is based on a subtle sequencing leading from the Metropolitan public space to the private space of the Carmes Campus.

We are building a harmonious city of the 21st century, a metropolitan area proud of its past and of its values, as a launching pad for our common future.

Olivier Bianchi, President of Clermont-Auvergne-Métropole, Mayor of Clermont-Ferrand

 A powerful sign of this change is the creation of a totally revamped facade for the Michelin Group head office on the Place des Carmes, to serve as both a frontier and a point of passage between exterior and interior. Fundamentally restructured from top to bottom, the emphasis for the new reception building will be on transparency and proximity, marking a break with the image of a climate of secrecy, too often suggested in the past.

A new stage in the urban transformation of Clermont-Ferrand, indicative of the progressive outlook of a metropolitan area with international scope, and with innovation in its DNA, this project also underlines the solid place of Michelin in the Clermont landscape.

The trust built up over many years between the Michelin Group and Clermont-Auvergne-Métropole has once again made it possible to establish a public-private partnership for developing a largescale project which embodies a true community of purpose.

Balanced, green, airy, with the soothing waters of the fountains and water wall, the Place des Carmes will constitute a new emblematic link in the town planning chain suited to the expectations of the 21st century, focusing heavily on ecological modes of getting around and sustainable development. Michelin and the Métropole thus intend to write a new chapter in the history of Clermont-Ferrand.