The digital inspired human

To mark Michelin's first participation in Viva Technology, we are delighted to present Human Life 4.0, our Group's digitalisation strategy.


Human Life 4.0 is born out of two competing visions posed by the challenges of technological transformation. The first is that the notion of the digital economy is becoming redundant, to be replaced by the digitalised economy. No company, not even a manufacturing giant, can afford to miss this digital boat. Michelin has understood this, and has embarked, within its walls, uponthe "4th industrial revolution": a  4.0 version, based on ubiquitous mobility, real-time, big data and artificial intelligence.

This revolution is already more than just a promise. At Michelin, with Jean-Dominique Senard as the driving force, it has become a reality that permeates our strategic model, from our processes to our offers, by way of HR and our entire organisation. Our conviction is that an industrial group can become, to quote our CEO, a leader in the digital world.

The second vision is that this industrial revolution, to create value sustainably, must be oriented toward human wellbeing. This is why we conceive it in the form of solutions centred on "user" needs: those of our customers, on the one hand, and those of our employees, on the other. For our customers, this need is all about sustainable mobility. It culminates in a prodigious