Renaud Lavillenie Shares His World Record with Michelin Employees

More than 500 Michelin employees from all of the Clermont-Ferrand facilities came to company headquarters to welcome Renaud LAVILLENIE, the new holder of the world indoor pole vault record after clearing 6.16m on February 15 in Donetsk, Ukraine.

“I would like to thank Michelin for believing in me from the beginning, four years ago, and for making this partnership possible, which has put me ‘on top of the world,’” said Renaud LAVILLENIE. “Thanks everyone. It's a pleasure for me to share this world record with all of you at Michelin. This support is very important to me. It takes the worry out of my daily prep routine, allowing me to focus exclusively on practicing my athletic skills to achieve excellent performance. Feeling supported by one of the greatest French companies in the world is a real honor and privilege, especially since we represent the Clermont-Ferrand region in the highest spheres. And of course, sharing the same values of excellence, determination, self-transcendence, discipline and fun all make this support very meaningful and enable me to constantly raise the bar for everyone who is helping me every day.”

“Dare to do your best” is the leitmotif inscribed on the giant picture of the athlete at Michelin headquarters.

“This principle resonates perfectly with Renaud’s extraordinary performance in beating a world record that has stood for 20 years in one of the most spectacular and most demanding of all athletic events. It is also seamlessly aligned with the mindset that inspires all of our teams around the world,” said Claire DORLAND CLAUZEL, member of the Michelin Executive Committee.

That’s what Michelin does in its business, but also in sports for more than 100 years. It is also probably what enabled the Group to grasp Renaud LAVILLENIE’s enormous potential and encouraged it to offer him a long-term partnership in 2011.