Michelin awarded for its role as world leader for corporate action on climate change

Michelin has been identified as a global leader for its actions and strategies in response to climate change and has been awarded a position on the Climate A List by CDP, the international not-for-profit organisation that drives sustainable economies.



One hundred and ninety three ‘A Listers’ appear on the list, which has been produced at the request of 827 investors.

Thousands of companies submit annual climate disclosures to CDP for independent assessment against its scoring methodology. Michelin is among 9% of corporations participating in CDP’s climate change program to be awarded a position on the Climate A List, in recognition of its actions to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change in the past reporting year.

Michelin is the only tire manufacturer to be included in the Climate A List, which we are very proud of, but it also shows the path that lies ahead. Our sustainable growth strategy fits perfectly with our corporate responsibility goals. Michelin will also be present at the COP22 in Marrakech to promote products and services that support more efficient and environmentally friendly mobility, while building partnerships with public and private stakeholders to imagine tomorrow's mobility.

Claire Dorland Clauzel, executive committee member of the Michelin group

We congratulate the 193 A List companies that are leading the charge towards our low carbon future. Companies are key actors in enabling the global economy to achieve its new climate goals, and the leadership of this group points the way for others to take bold action and capitalize on the many opportunities that await.

Paul Simpson, CDP’s chief executive officer