Michelin at Intermat Paris - New MICHELIN XTXL E4 L4 and MICHELIN BIBLOAD Hard Surface tires

Increased productivity on worksites

Intermat 2015

At INTERMAT Paris, Michelin is demonstrating its capacity for innovation in every domain.

Worksite operators, like every other economic player, need to face up to the productivity challenges that are getting harder and harder to meet.

To obtain these productivity gains, worksite operators need to move forward and use the most advanced solutions available. Michelin has always been at their side, providing tires with the best that technology has to offer.

So it is that Michelin now presents two new tires: the MICHELIN XTXL E4 L4, designed for loaders; and the MICHELIN BIBLOAD Hard Surface, designed for backhoe loaders, telehandlers and compact loaders. Both offer our customers better operational efficiency, and this has required across-the-board innovation: innovation with regard to the materials; with regard to the tire design, as illustrated by the B2 technology and the new-generation carcass used for the MICHELIN XTXL E4 L4; or with regard to the capacity to tear up the rule book by inventing new forms of tread like those shaped like a 7-sided cut diamond featuring on the MICHELIN BIBLOAD Hard Surface, with identical performance in every direction.

At Michelin, the notion of service is also in the DNA of the company, and has been since its very creation. In the earthmoving activity, Michelin has put in place a team of specialists whose mission is to deliver the best advice to users, on building sites for example, and provide the distribution network with every possible key to delivering optimal service. This is what led to the creation of the "Michelin Earthmover professionals" label.

"The best tire with the best service": this is the winning formula that is demonstrated daily on the ground.

By Jean-François FORISSIER, Business Segment Manager, Earthmover Product Line,

& Cédric LECOESTER, Business Segment Manager, Agri & Compact Line, Michelin