Michelin Movin’On Labs 2018

Michelin has become one of the world leaders in sustainable mobility through its technological know-how, its customercentric approach and its strategic longterm vision.



This ambition lies at the crossroads of our morals and value. Our values, which are innovation and anticipation, help us in staying one step ahead. We are also committed to sustainability, the only approach that a responsible company must strive for, cognisant with the societal changes and in the process of drawing up a longterm vision of its activities. With the 4R strategy, we do not stick to just words: we have changed the software because we know that the world is changing, and fast. Value is the hub of activity, growth and employment all over the world, which responds to the needs of increasingly connected consumers, who are aware of the impact of their behaviour on the planet. At Michelin, we listen, we observe, we test, we invent new services and products that meet these mobility needs expressed by a more environmentally friendly society.

However, we know that it is not possible for a single actor, no matter how much of a trendsetter and conscious he may be, to single-handedly imagine and develop solutions for the future. The time has now come for innovation in the form of ecosystems.

Michelin's innovation community is already multifaceted, organised around our R&D centre and uniting start-ups, academic research laboratories and other companies. With Movin'On Labs, this ecosystem approach is further expanding. On Michelin’s initiative, more than 250 companies and organisations, major industrial or consulting groups, innovators, researchers and public and private organisations are coming together to create the trusted international sustainable mobility network through innovation.

By nature outward-oriented, Movin'On Labs is a “think and action tank”. Its members pool their expertise and their convictions to serve future mobility needs. They gather in multiple communities that work closely with the latest technological developments. These invented interdisciplinary gateways result in concrete and operational proposals, as states the “Speeding up to <2°C” report, the first report from a Movin'On Labs community.

The 2018 édition of Movin’On is being held in Montreal and will continue throughout the year. We are proud of being able to unite so many players, at the same time we are also convinced that Movin'On Labs offers a method commensurate with the challenges that a group like ours must face.