MOVIN'ON : it’s time to take action for sustainable mobility

MOVIN'ON shows that we are not content to talk about sustainable mobility. rather, we are building it.


The Michelin Group has always been on the cutting edge of its industry. Born from innovation in 1896, the Company has grown with it. Both a visionary and a leader, Michelin has inspired most of the major advances made by its core business. From its origins up to the present, the Michelin Man has supported an image and a promise of facilitating mobility.

Sustainability and the digital revolution have created a new road map for all players in the mobility process. The Michelin Group is enthusiastically playing its part in designing the mobility of the future. That’s why, proud of our open innovation strategy and the networking of our expertise, we wanted to renew the Michelin Challenge Bibendum by transforming it into Movin’On, the leading global rendezvous for sustainable mobility. Movin’On is not a slogan; instead, it’s a call to action, collective, optimistic, technologically demanding action in phase with the 21st century and with the challenges that we must meet, much like the city of Montreal and the example it has set in the area of intelligent transportation solutions.

In this new world, driven by the need to conserve energy and raw materials, we are also more connected. Michelin is not content to talk about the future and to organize the dialogue. Rather it is building the future by taking action. Movin’On embodies this movement which is continuing through our Open Lab Challenge Bibendum ecosystem, where we join our many industrial partners, start-ups, academics and professional networks. Today, I am pleased to announce the creation of the North American extension of our Open Lab in partnership with l’Institut de l’Electrification et des Transports intelligents in Montreal.

Through our ambitious R&D strategy and the many research partnerships forged by the Group, through our equity investments in promising start-ups, Michelin has powerful advantages to prepare for the future, alongside our customers.

Held in Montreal, the first Movin’On provides us once again with the opportunity to show the way. The VISION concept tire is the realization of our sustainable mobility vision: safer, more environmentally friendly and deeply anchored in our customers’ needs, VISION concentrates our know-how, born from the creativity, will power and passion of our research teams. A concept rich in value that promotes the circular economy and categorically refuses planned obsolescence, focusing instead on positive technologies, VISION is more than an engineer’s dream. It’s a reality made possible by technological bricks already being developed in our laboratories.

Showing the way through sustainable mobility is also our baseline. This inspiration, we have inscribed in our concept of corporate responsibility. We want to make sustainable mobility even more visible to our customers, partners and investors. That’s because Michelin is a mobility operator and supporter of a
progressive, passionate, forward-looking project.

At Michelin, we believe in ingenuity, thanks to which we want to imbue the future with optimism. We are open to the collaborative world, without borders. A more connected world that invites people to work together more closely. We believe in a range of highly efficient mobility solutions that are adapted to everyone’s needs. Movin’On and our active participation show that we are not content to talk about sustainable mobility. Rather, we are building it.

A new global event, a new product and a new ecosystem. All are enabling us to take action and to serve the Michelin communities. Our brand enjoys incredible trust among our customers. Michelin will continue to leverage its capital of trust in order to remain on the leading edge of its industry and to consolidate its legitimacy as a player in the area of sustainable mobility.

Jean-Dominique Senard, Chief Executive Officer of Michelin