MICHELIN and RENAULT Sport Technologies extend their association until 2015

MICHELIN has extended its partnership with RENAULT Sport Technologies for the supply of tyres to the World Series by RENAULT (WSR) until 2015. The performance of MICHELIN’s racing tyres and its commitment to develop specific tyres for use by WSR competitors proved decisive in RENAULT Sport Technologies’ decision to prolong its association with MICHELIN.

“Not only we are pleased to have come to an arrangement which involves the supply of between 20,000 and 25,000 tyres per year, but we are also delighted with the terms of the technical side of the agreement,” says Philippe MUSSATI, manager of MICHELIN’s Customer Competition Department. “Our partnership with RENAULT Sport Technologies makes a big contribution to the development of our racing tyre ranges, since this series covers both touring cars and single-seaters. The two categories demand tyres that are capable of withstanding very different constraints, and that is an extremely interesting challenge for us.”

At each WSR meeting, MICHELIN provides participants with a comprehensive service thanks to a bespoke technical team. A MICHELIN technician is also on hand to work closely with RENAULT Sport Technologies’ technical staff, advise competitors and ensure the feedback of information to MICHELIN’s own research and development teams.

Detailed analysis of tyre performance promises to play a significant role in 2012, since RENAULT Sport Technologies will be racing a new version of the Formula RENAULT 3.5 for which MICHELIN has developed new, specific tyres that match the demands of the newcomer’s higher performance chassis, more powerful engine and different aerodynamics package.

The latest Formula RENAULT 3.5 car races on MICHELIN S312 FR2012 slicks (front: 26/64- 13 / rear: 32/66-13). In wet weather, competitors will compete on MICHELIN P312 FR2012 tyres.

The World Series by RENAULT is widely acclaimed by spectators and by many thousands of motor racing fans. The average attendance per meeting is 75,000*, with some events attracting crowds of more than 100,000 people. The WSR’s international media coverage also provides MICHELIN with valuable visibility.

The extension of the partnership between RENAULT Sport Technologies and MICHELIN stands out as an opportunity to consolidate the commercial relationship between the two entities. It also makes a significant contribution to the development of MICHELIN’s new ranges of motorsport tyres.

* RST figures