L’Aventure Michelin Continues Everyday

Michelin’s unique history is both a well-known chapter of France’s past and a worldwide success story. It is an industrial saga filled with a multitude of exhilarating episodes that covers more than 125 years, while at the same time setting the stage for the future.

L'Aventure Michelin - 2015

This idea persisted after Edouard Michelin’s tragic death in 2006. Three years later, in January 2009, L’Aventure Michelin was inaugurated at the site of the Cataroux plant in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Located in a typical early-20th- Century industrial building, L’Aventure Michelin is in the centre of a district of the city that looms large in the Company’s legend. It stands near a few remaining workers’ houses, next to the huge tire testing ramps and across from the Marcel-Michelin stadium.

This is also a way to reaffirm to visitors that Michelin’s prime focus – the tire – is more than ever a product with a future, while also paying tribute to the thousands of men and women who write Michelin’s history around the globe every day. In a word, the adventure continues.

Nearly two years were required to collect the more than one thousand items on display, some of them never before presented in public. This amazing collection immediately attracted a wide audience, making L’Aventure Michelin a resounding success and an emblematic venue. Because the story it tells is neverending and the Group is constantly
looking to the future, L’Aventure Michelin continues to evolve with the times. The objective is to show the general public how Michelin is still blazing trails in the tire industry in the 21st Century and responding to ever-changing mobility needs.