The Shell Eco-marathon: Students advancing mobility

Taking sustainable mobility to the next level: this is the goal of the Shell Eco-Marathon, an annual, worldwide competition for energy-efficient vehicles that Michelin has been sponsoring for the past 30 years.

Michelin at Shell Eco-marathon: be ready!

This energy-efficiency adventure takes place on 3 continents with the participation of students from around the world. The Shell Eco-Marathon gives Michelin the opportunity to demonstrate:

  • Our commitment to better mobility
  • Our capacity for innovation
  • Our technological leadership in the field of tires with very low rolling resistance

The future is already here

The 2014 edition of the Shell Eco-Marathon was once again a great success. The European event, held in Rotterdam, set 4 new world records. Among them, a vehicle designed by La Joliverie high school that ran 3,314.9 km on one liter of fuel. With this level of fuel consumption, the French prototype could circumnavigate the globe along the equator on just 12.5 liters of fuel.

The Shell Eco-Marathon, a real research lab

Michelin's active involvement makes it possible to develop small production runs of specially-made tires, using very high-tech materials and processes. It's a veritable research laboratory, which provides the company with important information and offers immediate benefits. In fact, tires created for the Shell Eco-marathon consume 6 times less energy than the best tires sold on the market. This friendly challenge also provides the Group with a wonderful opportunity to share values and know-how with students.