The FIA Formula E Championship: Towards sustainable racing


The future of auto racing

Electric, urban, sustainable, technological: the future of auto racing lies with the Formula E. Sponsored by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), this new race will feature single-seaters exclusively equipped with MICHELIN tires.

Michelin's new sustainable development challenge

This new championship featuring high-performance electric cars is an opportunity to bring racing closer to the public. Indeed, the races will take place in the downtown areas of major capital cities such as Beijing, Buenos Aires, and even Rome. As part of this unique electric car race, manufacturers will be able to showcase their electric energy innovations. For Michelin, the FIA Formula E Championship serves as an experimental laboratory for high-performance electric vehicle tires. These cars present several major challenges, such as the ability to withstand and transfer the instantaneous torque of electric motors.   

Advances that are made as part of this race will contribute to the development of more efficient and sustainable mobility.  

The first race will take place on September 13th in Beijing, with nine other races to follow.