Southeast Asia: off to school safe and sound!

Every day all over the world, 500 children are the victims of road accidents. Many practical actions are being taken to change the situation, particularly in developing countries. This is the case of the project called Together, the road to school in safety run in Southeast Asia by the NGO Les Enfants du Mekong, supported by the Michelin Corporate Foundation.


Safer mobility to facilitate education

Since its foundation in 1958, Les Enfants du Mekong has been sponsoring disadvantaged children in this region to give them better access to schooling. Today, the organization supports 60,000 children of all ages in 7 countries (Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and the Yunan province in China), manages 10 educational centers and 78 hostels and every year takes part in around a hundred development projects.
Every day, it sees that difficult access to public transport and dangerous roads are a major hindrance to education. This observation led to the launch of the Together, the road to school in safety project, to make journeys to and from school easier and safer. It is difficult to find an initiative that better reflects our motto “Find the best way forward"! This is why the Michelin Corporate Foundation has committed to support this project over the long-term. It provides financial and human support, through road safety training given by our employees.

Together, the road to school in safety in 2016

In 2016, we were involved in actions in three countries:

  • In the Philippines, Les Enfants du Mekong financed the acquisition of 2 vans, 2 scooters, 1 pickup truck and 25 bikes through local organizations; The NGO also managed the transport budget for 5 educational centers and the Professional Life Training Center and organized road safety training for NGO sponsored parties in the town of Cebu.
  • In Thaïlande, in the city of Maepon it helped refurbish a school center (outside play area and girls’ hostel) and organized local road safety training.
  • In Laos, it financed the purchase of 41 bikes and 3 scooters and distributed 290 bike helmets and 20 scooter helmets.

All these actions helped make school journeys easier and safer for the children sponsored by Les Enfants du Mekong over the coming years.

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