Road safety: Children first!

In 2015, the FIA’s Action for Road Safety campaign, with Michelin’s partnership, focuses on the many children victims of traffic accidents. The Universal Children’s day, on November 20th, reminds us the dire need to improve their safety. 

Road safety is still a main priority for Michelin, a partner of United Nation’s "Decade of Action for Road Safety”. Directly or in association with international organizations, the Group leads numerous road safety awareness-building and training campaigns around the world.

Most actions organized by Michelin have been aiming at improving youth safety. Rosype (Road Safety for Young People in Europe) project, initiated in 2009 by the European commission, reached more than 1 million European youth between 2009 and 2012. Last year, 26,000 Brazilian students took part in the Michelin Best Driver safety-awareness program. Similar projects took place in the US and in China. In India, 260,000 children to date have been exposed to the “Steer to Safety” awareness building program.

Yet, 500 children are dying every day in traffic accidents. Therefore Michelin is fully committed with the FIA in its goal to make their security our top priority.