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Michelin Challenge Bibendum, a direct translation of the purpose of the Michelin Group, has since its first edition shown the commitment of the Company to unite stakeholders in the mobility sector and imagine together the future of mobility. This is how Jean-Dominique Senard, President of Michelin, described the ambition of this unique global event at Michelin's press conference. Here are several key elements of his speech...
Jean-Dominique Senard au MCB

Innovation is at the heart of Michelin's DNA

The Michelin Group aims to be the undisputed leader in terms of progress and sustainable mobility and in doing so intends to be one of the most innovative, responsible and efficient companies in the world.  To achieve this ambition, the Group has set six goals for 2020:

  • Improve overall product performance
  • Become a benchmark of responsible industry
  • Sustain the performance of the Group's financial results
  • Progress in the field of welfare and development of people
  • Strengthen links with local communities
  • Improve the quality of life for all through sustainable mobility.

Jean-Dominique Senard focused in particular on two of these goals:

  1.  Improving product performance by providing greater energy efficiency for vehicles while using fewer raw materials.
  2.  Improving quality of life  through:
  • Further strengthening Michelin’s involvement in road safety
  • Renewal and recycling solutions for a circular economy.

A commitment to improve mobility embodied in innovation.

Three innovations in particular been highlighted at the press conference:

  1. MICHELIN Ultraflex technology

Agricultural tires fitted with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology can both carry heavy loads and work at particularly low pressure due to their unique composition and structure: farmers are able to work faster while achieving fuel savings and respecting their soil.

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    2. MICHELIN Near Zero Growth technology

This technology provides safer and more economical solutions to modern aviation: tires in fact are able to support twice as many touchdowns as traditional tires thus reducing frequency of maintenance. This innovation also enables reduction in the consumption of raw materials.

    3. Tires for Formula E

During the first Electric Formula championship which was held in Beijing on October 13, Michelin was able to once again demonstrate its leadership in innovation for sustainable mobility by designing a revolutionary 18-inch performance tire for both dry and wet surfaces.

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Innovation and mobility beyond the tire

Michelin's commitment to mobility goes beyond the tire.  This is evidenced especially in the area of services to fleets, with Michelin Solutions and, of course,  in the field of travel assistance with its unique collection of maps and guides and digital services.

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