Movin’On: a new movement for sustainable mobility

Every day, mobility moves forward involving a growing number of stakeholders from increasingly varied horizons. Michelin considerably helped federate these stakeholders around the theme of sustainable mobility through the Michelin Bibendum Challenge created in 1998.. Today, the Michelin Bibendum Challenge is becoming Movin’On, an event that is still firmly focused on the future and even more open, where committed businesses, start-ups, scientists, local authorities, NGOs and citizens come together.

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In 2015, Paris’ COP 21 marked the end of a cycle. 150 companies and organizations in the transport sector confirmed their commitment to sustainable mobility, underlined by their membership to a common platform: the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate. This platform represents the completion of two initiatives: the UN’s SLoCat (Partnership on Sustainable, Low-carbon Transport) and the Michelin Bibendum Challenge. Discussions during COP 21 also demonstrated the importance of bringing more and more people to the table: companies, local government, start-ups, NGOs, etc. to respond more effectively to tomorrow’s challenges. Hence the idea of Movin’On, a world mobility summit open to all.

A new cycle for sustainable mobility

In partnership with C2, Movin’On will be held on June 13, 14 and 15, 2017 in Montreal, a city that is pioneering sustainable mobility. This event open to the public will host 3,000 guests from 35 countries and provide very participative experiences: workshops, laboratories and master-classes.

Observations and debates will revolve around 6 major themes:

  • New transport experiences for tomorrow, exploring multimodal opportunities in particular.
  • Smart mobility using new technologies.
  • Anticipating the next great advances in mobility.
  • Developing the circular economy in mobility.
  • Incentivizing legislation and policy: providing a framework for sustainable mobility.
  • Concrete solutions for clean, efficient and safe mobility.

Participants will be able to discover and try out the most recent vehicles and technologies from the greatest innovators in mobility. Some of these technologies have never been revealed to the public before:

  • Tesla will demonstrate its latest completely autonomous vehicles.
  • BMW will reveal two new models from the Mini Cooper range.
  • Solar Impulse 2: the solar plane model which has traveled over 25,000 miles on a fuel-free round-the-world journey.
  • Roborace: the first driverless and completely electric racing car which will take part in forthcoming competitions.
  • Proterra: the zero emission electric bus which will revolutionize urban public transport.

Key figures like Bertrand Piccard, creator of Solar Impulse 2, Denis Coderre, mayor of Montreal, Jean Todt, head of the IAF, and many others will also be sharing their vision of sustainable mobility.

Michelin will use this global event to reveal its version of future mobility, presenting an innovative solution inspired by nature which can be perfectly integrated into the circular economy.

See you in Montreal!

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