Michelin's purpose at MOVIN’ON

Movin’On, the global mobility summit launched by Michelin, will take place from May 30 to June 1, 2018 in Montreal.

Mobility drives growth. Mobility is absolutely essential for access to health care, jobs, and culture.

Jean-Dominique Senard - Michelin CEO, at Movin’On 2017.

In 2018, mobility is just as important, and new solutions have emerged or become available. Michelin's purpose, “Offering everyone a better way forward,” is again at the heart of this major event: this year there are even more participants, sharing knowledge and pooling their intelligence to jointly find solutions and take action for cleaner, eco-friendlier, more effective, and more inclusive mobility. This is how Michelin opens the way to the mobility of the future.

From ambition to action.

Movin’On, the global mobility summit co-founded by the Group, gathers all those who want to come together to imagine new solutions for sustainable mobility and to bring these ideas to life. 

On the Michelin stand present at the event this year, we will show how our company, driven by our belief that sustainable mobility is a strong growth driver,  continues to take action, take initiative, innovate, and build new partnerships.


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How does Movin’On help bring us closer to our customers?

This year Movin’On is intended to act as a platform where the new Business Lines and Regions can meet customers and forge stronger links with them by offering a truly exceptional experience. This event is a way to bring them on board in today’s changing world of transportation, help them think about the future of their own business, give us a better insight into their needs and explain the role Michelin plays within these ecosystems; Thanks to the great diversity of stakeholders present, it will also be an ideal opportunity for business networking.