Michelin celebrates Earth Day’s 45th anniversary

Safe land use for a healthier life

Michelin fully supports Earth Day’s 45th anniversary. What we eat and drink comes from the earth and the land and respect for the environment is one of Michelin’s 5 core values. Compliant with local laws and regulations, Michelin applies standard operating procedures to protect lands in the long run.
1. Protecting the earth in order to prevent potential risks

Since 2006, Michelin has been developing a process for managing potential historical pollution. The Group Environmental Standards comprises both physical systems, for soil protection and leak prevention, and standard operating procedures for activities at risk and in the event of an accident.

The air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil that grows our food are part of a delicate global ecosystem that is increasingly under pressure from human activities. .” […] We need a global transformation of attitude and practice.

Ban Ki Moon, 22 April 2014 Earth Day’s 44th anniversary
2. Protecting Mother Earth with a strict and proactive methodology 

The methods used and the service providers commissioned are managed at Group level to ensure the quality of the work undertaken.

Since 2014, identification of historic activities which are potentially polluted is done at any industrial site all over the Group.

We are all key players in order to protect land use. Let’s avoid throwing away dangerous products. Let’s use appropriate recycling facilitiesin order to prevent the risk of accidental spills.

Support Earth Day’s 45th anniversary!

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