Michelin and its suppliers: a lasting, performing and responsible relationship

We have demanding relationships with our suppliers. They must share our standards in terms of quality and responsibility, particularly regarding the environment. These demands are mutual, as confirmed by the “Responsible Supplier Relations” label we have received once again.



A signatory to the "Responsible Supplier Relations" charter in October 2012, we received the label when it was created in 2013. It is awarded by the MIE (Médiation inter-entreprises - Inter-company Mediation), the MMP (Médiation des Marchés publics - Public Contract Mediation) and the CDAF (Compagnie des dirigeants et acheteurs de France - Company of French Directors and Buyers).

This label requires the application of 10 commitments focused around 4 main principles, all part of the Michelin Performance and Responsibility project which has been guiding our development since 2002:

  • Respect for supplier interests: payment schedules, fair competition, lasting and balanced relations and the exclusion of any sort of corruption.
  • Awareness of the impact of purchases on economic competitiveness, which means not simply going to the lowest bidder and managing order volumes with fluidity and transparency.
  • The integration of environmental and social factors in the purchasing process and contributing to the development of the site’s surrounding area.
  • The guarantee of quality relationships with suppliers with a professional and coherent purchasing policy, establishing calm and well-managed relations.


Responsible Supplier Relations

The Responsible Supplier Relations label, awarded to date to 39 French companies, confirms every year that our commitments are translated into everyday actions.

For 2017, the label was renewed by a unanimous decision from the jury.