Michelin Challenge Bibendum meets Design

Supporting the theme of "Innovation in mobility, to drive growth and urban well-being", the 12th edition of Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2014 in Chengdu launched a design competition for students based on the Michelin Challenge Design theme 2014 "Driven / Undriven : the Automobile of Tomorrow" or how to accompany the transition from a vehicle with a driver to a fully automated one.

Michelin Challenge Design

Launched in 2002 by Michelin North America, the Michelin Challenge Design competition is a global automotive design event.  Objective: to allow designers from around the world to share their vision of the evolution of vehicle design. The challenge for participants: to explore the world of tomorrow and present a vehicle based on the theme of the competition and their work at the event.

This year, the theme chosen by Michelin was "Driven / Undriven:  the Automobile of Tomorrow.”  The designers were asked to design a vehicle enabling the vehicle to run in standalone or autonomous mode, in fact becoming a true extension of the lifestyle of the driver. This theme is entirely consistent with the ambition of Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

Bypass the competition to pursue the sustainable mobility of tomorrow

Automotive design students from Chinese universities Wuhan and Tongji worked to develop ideas to address the theme “Driven / Undriven:  the Automobile of Tomorrow”.    Scott Pajtas, Director of Innovation and Deployment, OE, for the Americas at Michelin, said  "The entries received from Chinese students all have one key point in common: their usefulness. Students are working to find ways to use elements of the vehicle when they are not in use.  For example, some offer a removable seat that can be used at home or at the beach”.
As announced on November 14, Tongji University won the grand prize. The Challenge’s grand prize:  A trip to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January 2015.

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The Michelin Challenge Design has established itself as one of the largest design competitions in the world with more than 7,300 applications from 118 countries since 2002.

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