Michelin Challenge Bibendum: a “think and action tank”

Because Michelin believes that mobility is essential for human development and because Michelin believes in innovation and safer, connected and economic mobility, the Group created Michelin Challenge Bibendum back in 1998. On the eve of the launch of the 12th edition in Chengdu, we look back on the underlying principles and spirit of this global event dedicated to tomorrow’s mobility.
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The idea behind Michelin Challenge Bibendum is to show that the spirit of progress in mobility is well and truly alive today and that transportation has a bright future ahead of it to serve society in our multimodal world.

Patrick Oliva, Michelin Group Senior Vice President in charge of Strategic Anticipation and Sustainable Development

A laboratory dedicated to tomorrow’s mobility

Michelin Challenge Bibendum is setting its sights on becoming a global benchmark in this field. The Challenge has moved on since its origins and this 12th edition positions itself as an innovative and collaborative Think and Action Tank aiming to foster a better life through sustainable mobility. This international cooperation culminates in the Global Summit every two years and lives on in a continuous approach (Open Lab) which permanently stimulates debate and analysis.


12th edition of Michelin Challenge Bibendum Global Summit

Chengdu in China is the place to be from November 11 to 14! The experts and stakeholders in the sustainable mobility ecosystem will see the outcome of their work carried out throughout the year: a Green Paper published during the event.

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A wider perspective: Michelin Challenge Bibendum Open Lab

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This web platform provides paid services to help the business community identify new opportunities in the sustainable mobility sector.

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