MOVIN’ON 2018 : Acting together for the future mobility

The solutions to the major challenges for tomorrow’s mobility cannot come from one company alone, however willing and ambitious it may be, nor from one single town or country. The answers will come from ecosystems that bring together all stakeholders from academia, politics and business. Building partnerships, sharing, talking and learning from each other’s experiences...this is the reason behind Movin’On, the world summit for sustainable mobility. An event that is becoming increasingly important, year after year...



The mobility challenges we are facing today can only be resolved by concerted action involving all stakeholders around the world.

Playing a federating, role, Michelin wants to open the path to tomorrow’s mobility by feeding discussions that will lead to concrete solutions.

To achieve this ambitious objective, Michelin is once again inviting all stakeholders who want to design the future of mobility to come together in Montreal (Canada) for the second edition of Movin’On.

Focus on partnerships at Movin’On

Over 4,000 stakeholders from different sectors (automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, energy, etc.) and different horizons (leaders, politicians, experts, scientists, academics, etc.) will share their points of view to approach mobility from a new angle and together consider solutions for global, intelligent, sustainable and multi-modal mobility.

Year-round discussions

As well as the regular event, many partners attending Movin’On meet and network throughout the year as part of the Movin’On Lab.

This ecosystem managed by Michelin promotes discussion and a continuous innovation approach within communities of interest who are developing solutions to solve mobility issues. We need to act quickly; time is of the essence.

Movin’On Lab relies on collaborative platforms like Movin’On, but it is not just an annual event. It represents an opportunity for these communities to grow and recruit new members.

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Their words

CGI is proud to have contributed to the discussion about the future of urban mobility.


If you’re not here then you’re missing out on something big!


The best networking operation since the creation of the business.


Very positive, very disruptive, outside of our comfort zone, a driver for creativity.


An inspiring event - a great success!