A new challenge: the MICHELIN Total Performance Award

Michelin has launched the MICHELIN Total Performance Award, a new kind of trophy to reward the team and/or the manufacturer that helps push innovation in the field of sustainable development.

How does it work?

MICHELIN Total Performance Award

To win the trophy, 5 criteria must be met. The prize is an endowment of one million US dollarsto be given to an independent institute conducting research on sustainable mobility.

5 ambitious criteria

  1. Victory: only the overall winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is eligible to win the MICHELIN Total Performance Award
  2. Lap performance: the winner must also have the fastest lap time
  3. The distance record: the team must drive more than 5,000 km.
  4. Fuel-efficiency: the winner must have lowered their energy consumption by at least 15% compared to a 2013 benchmark.
  5. Limited tire use: the winner must have used 9 or fewer sets of tires.

This year none of the teams qualified for the MICHELIN Total Performance Award. The award will be up for grabs again next year during the 83rd edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.