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The Group’s debuts in aviation date back to 1908 when it created the Michelin special prize to encourage progress. As the decades have flown by, the Group’s innovations have contributed to the industry taking off. Thanks to our pioneering technology, we are a leading player today.  Let’s take a quick look at a rather unusual market.

The segmentation of the aviation market

The aviation market consists of 4 segments:

  • Commercial: airplanes designed for long-haul flights and capable of carrying at least 100 passengers. This is the biggest segment, accounting for over 50% of the market.
  • Regional: airplanes designed for short or medium-haul flights seating less than 100 passengers.
  • Military: training and transport aircraft, fighter planes and bombardiers
  • General Aviation: small private planes and business jets.

A strong position in all segments

Michelin is the only tire manufacturer whose offer covers the entire market thanks to two types of tire: bias and radial.

  • Bias tires are the conventional type of tires which are still very popular and reliable. Heavier than radial tires, they are particularly suitable for certain types of aircraft.
  • In 1997, Michelin launched its New Bias Technology or NTB which is certified as original equipment on the Airbus A340-5/600 and Boeing 747-400ER.
  • Radial tires: invented by Michelin in 1946, radial technology’s first foray into aviation came when it was fitted on the Mirage III in 1981. Today, it is standard on most new planes.

MICHELIN NZG (Near Zero Growth) technology represents a further development in radial technology. The benefits are increased reliability thanks to improved resistance to Foreign Object Damageand significantly lower fuel consumption. It cuts operational maintenance costs and allows up to 100% more landings.

Michelin owes its leading position on the aircraft tire market to its powerful R&D…

All the major advances in aircraft tire technology have been made by Michelin. The Group is the manufacturer which devotes the largest R&D budget to aircraft tire research carried out in its three specialist centers:

  • Greenville, South Carolina
  • Clermont-Ferrand, France
  • Bangkok, Thailand

… as well as its own special Aviation Product Line

Michelin has a foothold in 3 geographic zones:

  • NAM, the Americas, which accounts for half of the aircraft tires sold,
  • EMA, Europe, Middle East, Africa: the main market for radial tires,
  • FEO, Asia, Oceania: the fastest growing zone.

As Michelin knows the aviation market inside out, our offer in terms of products and services is truly outstanding

A tire manufacturer offers its customers different levels of service and participation.

  • Direct tire sales rarely involve a contract. Direct sales take place across all market segments but are particularly common for Military, General Aviation and Original Equipment.
  • Tire retreading service. The tire belongs to the customer who sends it to Michelin for retreading then gets the same tire back. This type of service is available in all market segments except General Aviation where tires are not designed for retreading.
  • Single unit price. This is a common practice in Commercial and Regional aviation where an average price is set for a particular dimension of new or retreaded tire. The stock of tires belongs to Michelin or is shared 50/50 with the customer.
  • Cost per landing. This service is offered for commercial aircraft. The customer pays an agreed price for each landing on Michelin tires, irrespective of the number of tires used. The stock belongs to Michelin.

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