WRC rallies - where the tire is king

The WRC season traditionally opens with the Rallye Monte Carlo, followed by the Rally Sweden. Both are famous for their varied and unpredictable race conditions, where the choice of tire can change everything.
WRC - Ces rallyes où le pneu est roi

Each tire has a specific performance

At the Rallye Monte Carlo, cars can come across dry roads in some spots and snowy or icy roads in others, all in the same day. In Sweden, the cars will be competing on roads that are generally both snowy and icy.

Michelin therefore offers racing teams the MICHELIN Pilot Sport tire for dry or wet roads, the MICHELIN Pilot Alpin tire for snowy or icy roads, along with the MICHELIN X-Ice North 2 tire for extreme winter conditions, whose phenomenal grip lets competitors drive at nearly 200 km/h on certain sections of the Rally Sweden.

Thanks to the MICHELIN Total Performance development principle, these tires provide grip, longevity and versatility all at once. Since 2011, they have enabled Michelin to clock up a total of nine wins in the Rallye Monte Carlo and the Rally Sweden.

From track to street

Michelin’s track-to-street philosophy means that the know-how and experience gained through motorsports are also poured into its road tires.

Motorists can find the technology, performance and quality features of racing tires in regular MICHELIN tires, such as the Pilot Sport Cup2, the Pilot Alpin and the X-Ice North.

The structure of the WRC version of the MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 4 tire is admittedly more rugged than that of the production tire, to accommodate the heavy demands of rallying, but the two tires have a similar tread pattern and materials.

Thanks to this experience, motorists have a winter tire that performs to high standards on dry and wet roads alike, and is perfectly efficient on snowy surfaces.

We are very happy with the way our MICHELIN X-Ice North 2 tires performed. It's difficult to design a studded tire that is efficient, robust and capable of retaining its studs right up to the finishing line: but we did it.

Pascal Couasnon, Director, MICHELIN Motorsport

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