The new Boeing 737 MAX improves its performance with MICHELIN

The new Boeing 737 MAX will leave the factory equipped exclusively with MICHELIN tires. Michelin was able to secure this equipment contract with the prestigious American aircraft manufacturer because of the company’s track record of innovation and expertise.

Michelin, partner to the world's best-selling plane


Boeing has chosen chose the state-of-the-art MICHELIN NZG (Near Zero Growth) radial tire as original equipment for the 737 MAX. At the moment, the order book includes more than 1,300 planes that will be put in service between 2017 and 2019.

These tires are the market leaders, and will also be approved for aftermarket sales to airline companies.

Lightness, performance, innovation

These tires are extremely resistant because of NZG technology, boasting a longer lifespan and reduced fuel consumption thanks to their lighter weight. This unparalleled technology reduces maintenance costs and provides airline companies with a competitive edge.

NZG performance statistics

  • More than 20% lighter compared to tires with a diagonal structure
  • Up to 100% more landings thanks to NZG technology
  • The Boeing 737 MAX alone represents 20% of airplane sales in the world