The best tractor driver in Europe: a road and field challenge!

You need to go fast to work well in the fields. But you also need to be precise in your maneuvers, take as much care of the soils as possible and use the least amount of fuel. A good tractor driver will be able to compromise between these imperatives, whilst getting the best out of the technology he has. The European Drivers championship, organized for the second consecutive year by Michelin and John Deere, was a great showcase for the best drivers to demonstrate their talents.



We have always seen competitions as one of the most effective ways of testing new solutions and adopting best practices. The 2017 European Championship for the best tractor driver is a perfect example of that. The 16 finalists from 13 European countries demonstrated their skills on an 11-mile course specially designed at our Ladoux test center. A course faithful to the everyday tasks of tractor drivers, covering roads and fields, all driven in a 32.5 ton vehicle! The challenge was to find the right strategy to reconcile productivity objectives (speed and precision) with the preservation of resources (fuel consumption and soil compaction).



In their quest for excellence, competitors had to demonstrate their mastery of the technological resources at their disposal. They drove the new John Deere 6250R tractor with its 300 hp, fitted with brand new MICHELIN ROADBIB tires. Co-designed by the very people who will use it, this tractor tire takes full account of the drivers’ everyday realities. It offers greater comfort and more wear resistance when driving on the road, which represents 80% of the distances covered, whilst providing traction in the fields. Its tread patterns with a completely renewed design increase the surface of rubber in contact with the ground by 60% for a 25% longer lifespan compared to a traditional farming tire. MICHELIN ROADBIB was greatly appreciated by all the drivers.